Harmonics & Transient Analysis


Harmonic Measurements & Analysis are performed to determine harmonic filtering requirements within the facility. Field measurements and computer simulations are used to characterize the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), and other nonlinear loads, and simulations are then performed to determine the filter specifications and effectiveness.


The study evaluates these concerns by doing the following:

          - Developing Base Case Harmonics Models
          - Harmonic Measurements
          - Developing Harmonics Source Models
          - Determining System Frequency Response Characteristics 
          - Estimate of System Harmonic Voltage and Current Levels
          - Filter Designs and Specifications
          - Evaluation of Harmonic Voltage and Current Limits (IEEE 519)


With harmonic sources connected to a power system, harmonic currents will flow in the AC system and have significant detrimental effects in the system, such as:

          - Switchgear Failure     
          - Fuse Blowing
          - Transformer Heating
          - Relay Misoperation  
          - Rotating Equipment Heating
          - Capacitor Heating / Failures
          - Telephone Interference