Power Quality

"The concept of powering and grounding sensitive electronic equipment in a manner that is suitable to the operation of that equipment. " - Power Quality definition IEEE Emerald Book.


Power quality is a set of minimal conditions that must be strictly adhered to for safe and reliable operation of sensitive electrical equipment. Inappropriate power quality conditions can lead to poor equipment performance, efficiency loss and equipment failure


This study evaluates types of these power quality concerns:

          - Short Term Voltage Variations (Sags & Swells)
          - Long Term Voltage Variations (Under-Voltage & Over-Voltage)
          - Motor Starting 
          - Switching System Loads
          - Transients
          - Notching
          - Noise
          - Voltage Flicker
          - Interruptions
          - Harmonics


Through a Power Quality Audit, for diagnosis and analysis through a structured and step-by-step approach, this study identifies and solves power quality problems.