Protection Coordination Studies


“The objectives of electrical system protection and coordination are to prevent injury to personnel, to minimize damage to the system components and to limit the extent and duration of service interruption whenever equipment failure, human error or adverse natural events occur in any portion of the system.” -IEEE/ANSI std. 242-1986.


Performed to select or to verify the selection of power fuse ratings, protective relay characteristics and settings, ratios and characteristics of associated voltage and current transformers and breaker trip characteristics and settings.


Includes all voltage classes of equipment, from the utility’s incoming line protective device, down to and including each motor control centre and / or panel board through phase and ground over current protection as well as settings for all other adjustable protective devices.


Verification that coordination with protective device selection or settings is in accordance with requirements of the Canada Electrical Code National Electrical Code and the recommendations of IEEE/ANSI Standard 399.